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Global Offensive Mobile

Global Offensive Mobile

By: Cheese WT

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Global Offensive Mobile is a fair fighting mobile game, realistic military style FPS.

The product is designed from the unity game engine, uses industry leading technology to express the highest quality visual vision. At the same time it focuses on optimizing and optimizing for mobile phones. It guarantees a unique firing feeling and user experience. Relive classic gameplay and level maps. Hurry up to call your friends and enjoy the action on your mobile phone together!


- Returning to the classic shotgun map

Super realistic game scenes Reappeared high quality classic maps. Use your strategy, conquer the enemy together with your brothers and sisters!

- Various battle modes

Classic bomb mode Team competition mode Fierce death mode We are committed to meeting the needs of different types of shooting players. There is a new mix of playing. Give you a surprise all the time!

- More than 40 types of weapon equipment

Open up weapon items you are familiar with and love. Pick up the gun you love Experience the thrill of shooting!

- Gun skin only for Thailand

Special gun skins, custom made just for you. Experience happiness like no other!

Global Offensive Mobile
Hossam Galal

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