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Girls Frontline II Exile

Girls Frontline II Exile

By: 上海散爆网络科技有限公司

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The end of a power, the rise of a power; the disappearance of a power, the growth of a power... This is, about to be, a world with sharp edges.

The commander, who was no longer with Griffin, chose to bid farewell to the past and enter the contaminated area. During the wandering journey, more and more people and tactical figures appeared one after another. With all kinds of stories, they became an indispensable member of the commander team. The commander who just wanted to successfully complete the bounty commission and obtain a stable reward was unexpectedly attacked during an ordinary transportation mission. The commander found that he, who was once far away from the center of the vortex, seemed to be involved in a larger vortex...

"Little Front 2: Chase Release" is a two-dimensional 3D strategy war chess mobile game.

The game adopts the next-generation two-dimensional art rendering style combined with pbr+npr technology, uses American war chess as the core gameplay, and is equipped with rich collection and development and interactive elements.

The commander will act as a bounty hunter and lead a tactical humanoid squad through the contaminated area. While receiving and completing the entrustment, the commander will face successive enemies. As the game progresses, various forces appear on the stage in turn, and conspiracies brewing under the new order will gradually surface. The choice is once again placed in front of the commander.

Girls Frontline II Exile
Hossam Galal

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