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By: Moonton

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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[Departure to the unknown world]

-Explore mazes, dungeons and mystery shops and enjoy the unknown continent!

――A powerful battle scene, adventures of more than 100 heroes, and the whole picture of the dawn of the land will be unfolded.

[Battle where you can enjoy the real thrill of strategy]

--Recruit 7 types of heroes to create the strongest team!

――You can make 5 classes, different skills and equipment, and various combinations.

――Challenge superior enemies with a unique and excellent attitude!

[Battle experience where you can win by letting go]

――You can get a bonus even when you are offline!

――Easy victory with auto play!

--Easy operation friendly to beginners

[A lot of free bonuses! You can get a chance without paying! ]

-Log in for 7 days and get a luxurious bonus such as SSR hero!

-Get different rewards from different game modes.

-You can get a lot of rewards while advancing the stage!

[Easy registration of friends, adventure together! ]

--Register as a friend in one step

--Make friends with free chat!

-Create a guild with your friends and challenge the rank battle!

Pre-register and get ready for your adventure!

[Pre-registration campaign]

We offer luxurious benefits according to the number of pre-registered users!

Achieved 50,000 people: 3 gachas

Achieved 100,000 people: 6 gachas

Achieved 150,000 people: 9 gachas

Achieved 200,000 people: 12 gachas

Achieved 300,000 people: 20 gachas

Achieved 400,000 people: [SSR Hero] Amaterasu


For all pre-registered users:

Diamond * 188, Premium Summon Ticket * 2, 50000BP

Will be presented!

Check the pre-registration site for details →

"Aca Chic Chronicle-Apocalypse of Dawn" is suitable for you!

――I want to enjoy a different world adventure full of fantasy

――I don't have much time to play a slow RPG

--I am not good at complicated systems

--I'm looking for a game that I can enjoy for free

Hossam Galal

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