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Zombie Avengers OL

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Gold medal research and development is accumulating efforts to create "Zombie Avengers OL", adding more special content on the original basis, novel and cool graphics, passionate sense of blow, appreciate the brand-new horizontal fighting wave, and experience the pinnacle of work.

【background story】

In this cold winter, ugly zombies have occupied the entire city with their fierce cracks and sharp teeth. The important task of saving the earth has come. Now, let me take you to experience the new wave of fighting and experience the super cool feast of combat;

Game features:

The sense of operation is first-rate, and you can experience the pleasure of cutting grass;

Silky and delicate picture, diversified level modes;

The BOSS mechanism is sharp, allowing you to retreat in the face of difficulties;

Floating and jumping, seeing me as light as a swallow;

Adventure is never lonely. Call your partner to accompany you to save the world.

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Zombie Avengers OL
Hossam Galal

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