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Zero Field Front

Zero Field Front

By: 第二游戏制作组

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The mysterious electronic disaster "Avalanche" destroyed the continent's civilization, and mankind had to place hope in the vast ocean for the future.

Utilizing the rapid development of technology, the "Zero Domain", which symbolizes endless and all-time connections, is unfolding in front of you. As a "deep diver", using ultra-high brain power to hack into the "nuclear fiber bundle" and then sneak into the consciousness space is your talent and ability as a commander.

The volatile undercurrents of consciousness, the chaotic memory scales, the dangerous and unusual defense strategies...

Commander, are you ready to work with the agents to capture the information in the undercurrent and uncover the secrets behind the prosperity?

"Zero Domain Battlefront" is a sci-fi mobile game with a light cyber future style strategy card.

On the battlefield, you will serve as a commander in command of each of the distinctive agents to fight together. According to their profession and skills, you can freely match and formulate an excellent strategy to win the battlefield. Outside of the battlefield, you can also trigger various interactions with the agents in the headquarters, and improve the agents' combat attributes while forming bonds.

✩Game Features✩

--Free combination of strategy and professional skills--

The agents belong to five major camps and six major occupations. They are cleverly matched on the battlefield according to their camps, occupations and skills, and derive a wealth of winning strategies.

--Unlimited ten consecutive free simulated SSR options--

The infinite ten simulation connection carefully prepared for the commander allows the commander to choose his favorite agent independently, and face the hidden crisis of the zero domain world with the TA.

--Meticulously arrange the agent rest station for fun and interaction--

There is a rest station for detectives built in the headquarters, where the commander can carefully choose the style for decoration, and can also trigger interesting interactions with the detectives and deepen the bond with the detectives.

--Sympathetic decoding, sharing, upgrading, and easy development--

Characteristic sympathetic decoding gameplay, all agents and the agents placed on the sympathetic decoder can share level experience, reduce costs, and make it easy for commanders to develop.

Zero Field Front
Hossam Galal

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