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Yuu Meng 2: Alice in the Kingdom of Light

Yuu Meng 2: Alice in the Kingdom of Light

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"2017 App Store Best of the Year" selected as the latest sequel of the game "Yu Meng: YuME" series

【game introduction】

The World Tree is the origin of the magical world "Country of Light". Under the nourishment of the magical power of light, the kingdom of light spread across the four small worlds was once full of vitality and everything prospered. However, light and darkness always coexist. When there is light, there must be darkness. The increasingly dark magic power erodes the world tree. Between ruin and disappearance, Alice wakes up from a dream...

"Yu Meng 2: Alice in the Kingdom of Light" is a role-playing AR adventure puzzle-solving mobile game. On the basis of "Yu Meng", a new magic skill system is added, and at the same time it can be more free Control the movement of characters and interact with the scene. In addition, a new engine is used to build interesting and diverse maps, and two-person levels have been updated to upgrade the fun while coordinating through levels.

[Game Features]

Double the fun of solving puzzles with two people in the same picture

Specially launched AR double level, two terminals jointly adventure on the same map. Tacit cooperation and mutual assistance, so that solving puzzles is no longer just a process of one person, but a fun for two people.

Dreamland breaks through imagination and encounters adventures

The new engine builds exquisite levels, and on the basis of matching the plot, further presents the fantasy architecture and scene style, creating a fantasy atmosphere for the player's adventure journey.

Adventure journey of light and darkness to save civilization

The plot is upgraded again, adding rich elements of adventure, through the journey with the protagonist, step by step to unlock the secrets of the world tree, and save the ancient civilization at stake.

Fantasy RPG element magic to explore the world

Brand-new RPG operation, freely control the movement of characters, unlock multiple magic skills as the plot deepens, cleverly use active skills to remove obstacles and explore the magical world of fantasy.

Yuu Meng 2: Alice in the Kingdom of Light
Hossam Galal

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