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Yunju: The Lost Magic

Yunju: The Lost Magic

By: 不正确游戏制作组

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"Cloud Gathering: Lost Magic" is a classic RPG stand-alone game, based on the open content of DND 3R rules SRD, based on the electronic game platform with appropriate rules adjustments, and supports the PC version.

Return to TRPG's war chess battle mode, customize the protagonist, multi-route, multi-ending role playing, explore the dungeon full of challenges and puzzles, and restore the fun of classical RPG and running groups.

An original world view based on a fantasy background of swords and magic. The player acts as the only successor to an ancient organization, and gathers his personal companions to take an adventure together, to deal with monsters, careerists and political conspiracies, to discover the secrets of the fall of ancient civilizations, to fight against the crises that affect the world, and to have a break with their favorite companions. Romantic relationship.

Yunju: The Lost Magic
Hossam Galal

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