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Yu Junmeng

Yu Junmeng

By: 夜兔游戏

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In the single-player Otome game "League of Kings", players disguise women as men and become the "husbands" of King Wu. They can be strategically transferred to Xi Shi, old enemy Goujian, loyal minister Wu Zixu, and mouthless guard Morrowind.

King and country, which is more important? Love and hate, where does the soul go?

【story background】

At the end of the Spring and Autumn Period, the princes fought for hegemony, and the war was endless. Wu State defeated the old enemy Yue State, Wu Wang Helu was injured and died, but the new king "Fuchai" who succeeded to the throne was a woman.

In order to fulfill Ji Wu's secret long-cherished wish and break the Dragon God Alliance Oath, she was forced to twist her life. The Conferred God Formation poured by countless blood has loosened...

In the troubled times, who devotes blood and loyalty, who brews shameless betrayal——

【Character introduction】

Shi Yiguang cv: Lu Lifeng DK

19 years old

People from the country of Wu, the heir of Wu Yue's first Wuzhu family.

He was a childhood sweetheart with Fucha, and secretly fled to the village of Ramuluo in Yue country because of the blood sacrifice incident in the sword pond.

Superb medical skills, gentle and kind.

Respected as Xizi.

--------Irregular dividing line--------

·She often washes bandages by the river and is regarded as a veiled woman

·The strongest skill is conjure

Goujian cv: people in the forest

21 years old

The monarch of the Yue Kingdom voluntarily joined Wu as a slave because of his defeat in the war, and was a guardian of Helu.

Haughty and humiliated, he becomes more determined to avenge Wu, but inadvertently meets his husband and becomes a good friend.

--------Irregular dividing line--------

·The survivability in the wild is comparable to Bei Ye

·The amount of alcohol is about a bottle of Moutai, and when you are drunk, you will become a talkative little fairy

Wu Zixu cv: Cold Spring Yeyue

37 years old

A native of Chu, his father and brother were killed by the king of Chu when he was young, and he fled alone, turning his head back overnight.

Shouhelu entrusted the loneliness to assist Fucha to break the alliance of the gods as his only goal.

Suspicious, but quite reliable.

--------Irregular dividing line--------

·The most annoying thing is Yue Wang Goujian

· Occupational disease of the director, for fear of bad abductions of top students who are transferred from school

Morrowind cv: big white siro

22 years old

The orphan was picked up by He Lu from the battlefield and served as Fu Cha's playmate.

Learn from Mr. Sun Wu and become Fucha's most loyal and reliable guard.

Calm and reticent, it is difficult for outsiders to get close.

--------Irregular dividing line--------

· Like sweets and cold jokes

·Have you ever seen a dog acting like a baby? → →

Zheng Dan cv: Zhang Si Wangzhi

16 years old (a boy)

Great wish from Wu Guo. The young master of the Wu Zhu family of the Zheng family.

He has been living in seclusion in the mountains. Because of the Shi family's extermination, Helu asked him to come out of the mountain to guard the Huqiu Fengshen Town.

Everything looked very pale, and there was an elusive cunning under the relaxed smile.

--------Irregular dividing line--------

·Although I like cute things but find it troublesome

·House, super house

Yu Junmeng
Hossam Galal

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