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You in dreams

You in dreams

By: WoodenWolf

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[Update for the second season]

The second season of "You in Dream" will be live on January 20! The main storyline-the ancient story of "Faith" opens. At the same time, 37 ancestor light films, 12 lover-only light films, 8 new scenes, 3 new NPCs and a large map of the lacquer garden are added.

As a Southern Song psychic detective, Xin will work with everyone to detect four bizarre suspense and reasoning stories. Why did people spit out goldfish, why did the oiran smile and died, why did the lost emerald appear in the secret room, and which historical celebrity left a strong stroke?

While the fog was lifted, one step closer to the truth of the "guest"...


"You in a Dream" is an accompanying suspense love mobile game developed by the "Mythology Detective" team. The plot adopts the form of text reasoning, and the "modern chapter" and "ancient chapter" spanning thousands of years reveal the magnificent but little-known secrets in human history.

The player and the two men and two women who have lost their memories live in a place called "Qiyuan". In the process of recreating the memories of the four people, a story of ups and downs is gradually brought out.

[Game Features]

——A huge sci-fi world view, a million-word suspense script

This game expands the gameplay of "Rumor Detective", focusing on the text reading experience, telling stories about love and suspense. The "Modern Chapter" locks the suspects in the Ark bombing case and explores the mystery behind the case; the "Ancient Chapter" uncovers the mystery of the guests, and the secrets of history emerge.

——Believe that the ancient chapter opens, the reasoning book piece together the truth

The second season opens the ancient story of "Faith". You and psychic detectives from the Southern Song Dynasty will detect four bizarre mystery stories together; a new "Reference Book" gameplay is added to find the key clues to solve the case in the reading and work with the characters. Analyze and deduce the truth.

——Meet you in Qiyuan, go on a romantic date with lovers

The game is synchronized with the time of the real world. From acquaintance to acquaintance with the four characters, each encounter story in "Encounter with You" will turn into mutual love; enter the lover stage, daily sweet text messaging interaction, nine major The dating scenes are chosen at will, and there are holiday surprise plots and gifts to be given.

——Meet you in a dream, enjoy sweet dream memory

The VR experiment conducted by Qiyuan Research will send you into a dreamland where you can meet four characters in the dream and experience a different kind of love story; after each dream, a dynamic "dream photo" will be left to record this period. Important moments in sweet memories.

——Dive into the story of ancestors and fight to purify the light film

Unearth the light film story of the character's ancestors, dive deep into the memory of thousands of years, and restore some unknown truths in history; at the same time, to help the character eliminate the genetic virus, it is necessary to purify the ancestors light film and participate in the battle. The deep-diving fit between the two makes you stronger!

[Game Background]

Frequent global environmental disasters

Human beings attribute the source of everything to the existence of a "guest"

The "First Ark Project" that escaped the earth was conceived and born

The Ark carried hope and set sail, but it disintegrated and shattered after lift-off

As the only survivor

You face the four suspects of the explosion

Who should I believe?

The story of this work takes place after the "First Ark" set sail and exploded. Four suspects with partial amnesia were controlled and awaiting trial. As the only survivor of the Ark, "You" will use the latest technology to "deep dive" to cooperate with them. Discover the memories in the dream and restore the whole story of the explosion.

Perhaps we can also find the truth about the existence of the "guest" that is hidden by history...

You in dreams
Hossam Galal

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