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Yin Yang Ledger (beta)

Yin Yang Ledger (beta)

By: 深圳市科盛网络科技有限公司

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"Yin-Yang Ledger" is about the descendants of the ancient wind-style one-line, possessing special empathy ability and part of the family's yin and yang techniques. For various reasons, he became a supernatural show producer and showed it to everyone in another identity The other side of this world. Many puzzles in the game run through certain supernatural events.

Reminder: The game contains some horror elements, which may cause psychological discomfort. Please play with caution if you are vulnerable to fright.

When playing, remember to find a place with a sense of security, don't be scared by people in the real world, and don't scare yourself!

Game features:

*High integration of case story and game

*Spiritual exploration, case reasoning and solving

*Behind the truth requires not only reasoning, but also courage

*Realistic sound effects, bring immersive horror experience, use headphones to get a complete experience

Yin Yang Ledger (beta)
Hossam Galal

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