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Xuanyuan Sword Three Clouds and Mountain is Beyond Enhanced Edition

Xuanyuan Sword Three Clouds and Mountain is Beyond Enhanced Edition


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The third-generation classic work of the Xuanyuan Sword series "Xuanyuan Sword Seen at the End of the Cloud and Mountain" is back!!!

The game world is a 2D role-playing game that spans Eurasia, traversing the Eurasian continent in search of an invincible law, looking for a country far away in the clouds and mountains.

The mobile game is revised in 2016 to make players relive the touch of the year. You must not miss this legendary classic masterpiece!

*Reminder: In order to retain the original appearance of the most classic Yunhe Mountain, this APP has a large file. It is recommended that players download it in a WIFI environment. Please forgive me for any inconvenience caused!

The story of "Xuanyuan Sword Seen at the End of the Clouds and Mountains" crosses Eurasia and runs through the three civilizations of Rome, Arabia, and China. The game has also made different designs for different civilizations. For example, in the water capitals of Venice, Damascus, and finally Chang'an, the architectural and pedestrian clothing styles of the three regions are different. The background music is in line with the local style, and the dialogue is also based on their respective cultural backgrounds.

The historical background of the game selected a period of cultural collision between East and West, interspersed with the plot of many major events in world history, such as the Battle of Tarros, the Arab Revolution, the Crusades, and the Anshi Rebellion. It should be noted that the description of certain history in the game is not consistent with the records in history books, such as the aftermath of the Battle of Tarros, and the evaluation of Gao Xianzhi and others.

Although the plot of the game begins in the distant West of Venice, the game still reveals the heritage of Eastern culture, and at the end of the game, it reveals the essence of kingly way. In this revision of the mobile game, the production team has added a new plot for the Chinese part, allowing players to accompany Scitech to experience more adventures in China.

The reason why a classic is a classic is that it will not die with the passage of time, but will become more and more permanent with the passage of time.

Game features:

※A huge and multi-civilized world view

※A strong Chinese style that is entertaining and entertaining

※Rich and tortuous story content

※The game system of the classic refining magic pot

※Full-screen powerful battle

Xuanyuan Sword Three Clouds and Mountain is Beyond Enhanced Edition
Hossam Galal

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