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Xinghai Fleet

Xinghai Fleet

By: 光武游戏

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Xinghai Fleet closed beta thanks to players and friends for their support! Here we sincerely invite you to join our player test QQ group: 496356366, talk directly with the game producer, and you can also directly contact the technical staff to solve the problem for you~!

"Report! Discover a new sea of stars!"

According to the cosmic convention, the newly discovered Xinghai will be in a contestable period for a period of time, and all forces can use their own strength to fight for the ownership of the planets in the Xinghai! Here, only one rule needs to be followed-the strong is respected!

Star Sea Fleet [STAR PIOMEERS] is a brand-new gameplay that combines flight shooting and tower defense strategy. In the game, you not only have to defeat the alien creatures that occupy the planet, but you also need to fight fiercely with players from other fleets. , Fight for the right to belong to the planet!

Abundant weapons and powerful skills will enable you to gain the first opportunity in the Xinghai Expedition; the powerful defense constructed by diversified buildings and fighters will protect your resources and territories. A showdown of offense and defense! Thrilling battle! The Xinghai journey is about to begin, are you ready?

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------★Shooting tower defense is perfectly integrated, and the original gameplay is refreshing!

Combining flying shooting and tower defense strategies into one, the dual interaction of hands and brain. Full-screen 360-degree surround combat, original and brand-new gameplay, guaranteed to bring you a bright spot.

★Ultra-personalized fighters, thousands of matching, dazzling full screen!

The ever-changing combination of weapon skills, rich and diverse growth systems, and the creation of personalized fighters. Defeat all competitors, destroy powerful enemies, and reap huge trophies.

★ Fierce offensive and defensive collisions, duel between routines and anti routines!

Compete for precious cosmic resources by challenging other players to grab the planet or defeat powerful alien creatures. At the same time, build your own base for defense, smash the enemy's offensive, and experience an extraordinary trip to the stars.

★The domineering leader of the galaxy leaks, and the ultimate kills verify the strength!

The fierce leader of the galaxy makes the battle of the journey more varied and varied, and the battle requires great patience and skill, which is the best way to verify your own strength! Make the battle more exciting!

★Explore the vast sea of stars and feel the appearance of different planets!

A stormy planet hovering with squally winds all year round, a frozen planet where even rocks are frozen by frost...the sea of stars is vast, and more colorful planets are waiting for you to explore!

Xinghai Fleet
Hossam Galal

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