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Wind from Chang ian: The Bone Master

Wind from Chang ian: The Bone Master

By: 咕咕工作室

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Phoenix controls the bones, loves the king

An unusual riot, involving countless casualties and hatred

The monster was born from the soul of the homeland, and came looking for the smell of blood

With the collapse of the "Huilu Earthly Branch"

The truth is buried in the ruins for a long time...

The dragon uses its blood as its vein and its bones as a frame

Shuttle through the heavenly stems and earth to destroy the heroic people, known as the bone-handling people

A report that no one believes, the faint tingling from the tattoo

It also shows that everything is unsettled...

The conspiracy and truth hidden behind the incident kicked off the curtain-

[Qing Guofeng love, the wonderful combination of ancient and modern]

Rampantly addicted, all killed by the sword

No fear, with him by his side

Jin Qi-I don't ask for a moment, I ask for you for the rest of your life.

[Long Ling's Secret Words, the whole story's voice follows]

The voice of a teenager, through the thick fog, sounded in my ears

Why not be moved by that confession

Mu Lin-I should have rotted in a dark corner until I was discovered by you.

[Touch and interact, only you can touch his skin]

He walked between the battlefields, guarding his childhood promises

The scars all over the body, the fragile side is only shown for you

Xiao Mian—This world is ordinary except you.

[A long story, a beautiful chapter played on the battlefield]

Between life and death, in front of love and hatred, the fork of destiny

The right to choose lies in your hands

[Activity is the soul of camping body, and tranquility is the soul of calmness]

Wind from Chang ian: The Bone Master
Hossam Galal

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