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Warring States Dream

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"Warring States Dream" is a full 3D historical Warring States strategy mobile game, with the most passionate warring states unity as the theme, through the three-dimensional realization of the day and night system and the four seasons, allowing players to more truly experience how to deploy troops in various environments on the battlefield Array, to bring players a different experience of national warfare. The purest way to play in national warfare, occupy an area to claim the king and be worshipped by all the people! Experience the warring states era of resourcefulness, come and sweep the seven kingdoms to become the co-lord of the world!

Game features:

【Extreme Brain Burning】: Step-bow rider fights against each other, plan the layout of the grand battlefield, and experience the real strategy game.

[Exquisite 3D]: Bright style, high-definition model, three-dimensional realization of the four seasons, bringing top visual experience.

[Enriched gameplay]: Climb floors, sweep thousands of troops, combine jade bi, and slay warriors; explore treasures in the Yin Ruins, and enlist officials to be nobles.

[Thousands of moba]: The famous city battles thousands of people online, fight in time, and thousands of troops are waiting for your command! Conquer famous cities and gain the power of the princes; settle in the capital to take the power of the king.

【Biographies of Mingshi】: Please refer to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Generals to see the past and present life, which can reverse the cause and effect and save the favorite military commander from repeating the mistakes of history.

Warring States Dream
Hossam Galal

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