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Vivienne and the knight

Vivienne and the knight

By: 朝露工作室

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"Vivienne and the Knight" is a 2D horizontal ARPG game. Players need to choose one of the four protagonists to challenge monsters and mechanisms, go through hardships, defeat demons, and save the princess.

Two knights save the princess? ! Ok! Does it sound old-school? However~ it's not like that~

【Worldview Background】

The story takes place in an overhead continent-Rand; the devil and the dragon broke the long-term balance, attacked the human capital, and forcibly took the princess away (the reason is a mystery); next, several people selected by fate Embarked on the road to save the princess. Every warrior is not a real "knight". Although they have the same goals, they all fight for their own reasons. What will the end of this all come to?

[Protagonist's profile]

From the unilateral aspect of the plot, this is not a traditional knight to save the princess. Although the game screen is very simple, the content of the story is more like a true cruel story. The "knights" who are looking for the princess have a lot more hidden responsibilities than responsibility.

Just to find the meaning of his beliefs, and Kramer, who is hungry for revenge; he respects the will of the "god" to rescue the princess.

Ganas, who relies on endless hunting and money to bury the meaning of survival, uses this journey to find a way to escape the curse.

Destiny has left these two men on the road with the heavy responsibility of being a "knight".

There is also a mage, Ella, whose fate is unknown.

[Independent plot line]

There are currently four protagonists in the game, but each has its own timeline. They influence each other on their own timeline, and they do not affect each other on different timelines. In other words, the deep story of the game is definitely not a one-time play that can be understood all at once, each character has its own unique plot, I hope players can actively explore it.

[Game Features]

Exaggerated character movements, simple picture features;

Diverse, multi-stage enemy design;

Can release two-stage and three-stage skills, combining skills and basic attacks to float in the air or knock down combos, with rich combat operations;

Characters can switch weapons, use different fighting styles, and have different attributes and characteristics;

Each character has a different plot, and hides multiple endings;

There will be an achievement system and a system for collecting hidden items.

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Vivienne and the knight
Hossam Galal

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