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Unmanned starry sky

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Explore the universe, the goal of generations!

Conquer the planet, now you can do it!

"Unmanned Star", a highly free sandbox shooting game, enjoy the real experience of first-person perspective, shuttle between various strange planets, look for strange and rare alien resources everywhere, and destroy all planets Creatures, leave your legend on every planet, pick up weapons, control the spaceship, and start an unstoppable journey of conquest.

▲The popular terminal game "Morphite" national service agent transplantation, close to the terminal game operation feel, let the classics show again

▲Various upgrade and expansion functions, pick up your unique weapon, put on tailor-made armor, and drive the coolest spaceship to start a different interstellar journey

▲Deeply customized single-player storyline, many planets and galaxies, and rich content, so you have no reason to stop

Unmanned starry sky
Hossam Galal

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