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The little girl lost in the mysterious space met a cat who was connected with the world in the confusion. Through the ability to look back in time, she escaped from the edge of the world that was being eroded gradually, and was not chased in the process. She's machine guards are wise and courageous. However, they don't know where countless possible futures will lead them.

Timelie is an innovative invisible puzzle game, you can control the time like a video player. Use your abilities to solve and discover the secrets of this abstract world.

It is also an adventure through time, and every precise moment of action is crucial. Use your abilities to solve puzzles and discover the secrets of this abstract world.

Using the timeline, players can control the game time like in any video player. Drag to the left to rewind the time and undo the operation. Drag to the right to find the future and get information to change your past.

Plan the actions of two characters on the timeline at the same time, providing an unprecedented cooperative gaming experience in a single player game.

Guide the lost girl and companion cat through a dynamic, surreal and abstract realm. Manipulate time to discover hidden secrets and get them both back home.

Hossam Galal

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