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Thunder Project

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"Project Thunder" is a military strategy mobile game with a modern special warfare theme. Players will play the role of a high-IQ troop commander, commanding their own unique elite special forces to complete impossible missions and compete with the enemy and others. Players start the ultimate strategic confrontation.

The game has a broad world map and a rich resource mining area. Tens of thousands of players will start a melee on the same map, alliances and duels, peace and war, and never stop.

Collect resources, develop various special forces, and form powerful special forces. The game has the simplest development method and ever-changing PVP experience, allowing players to truly experience the excitement of truly unlimited PVP.

The simple and easy-to-understand game process and easy-to-use operation methods allow players to traverse the world at any time in their free time, flatten the enemy, and experience the pinnacle of mobile strategy games.

Featured gameplay introduction:

1. A unified world map

The unprecedented full server players in mobile games share a world map, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of conquering the world.

2. Infinite and refreshing PVP experience

Any player and any resource mine on the world map can be the target of attack and snatch. Players will experience real strategic battles in alliances and hostility.

3. Cultivation of soldiers with different personalities

Each of the player’s soldiers has its own unique background, story, skills and image. It is the glory of the commander to choose the one he likes to fight the world together.

4. Easy operation to guide the country

The game interface that can be operated with one hand, the easy-to-use game process, the simple and clear battle rules, and the endless strategy gameplay allow players to experience the journey across the world under guidance.

Thunder Project
Hossam Galal

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