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Through the minefield

Through the minefield

By: 龙龙猫

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"Crossing the Minefield" is an RPG game that combines Roguelike and minesweeper gameplay. While restoring the classic minesweeper gameplay, it incorporates a large number of random elements, making every experience of the player full of fun of change.

[Story Origin]

Since the fall of the two gods, life has gradually been born on the Sulaman continent. After countless epochs of breeding, mankind has continued to inherit civilization by relying on the control of the power of light, and finally established a kingdom in the plains. Until a night when a comet crossed, the Holy Grail that balances the power of light and darkness in the world suddenly shattered, and the creatures of darkness changed and fell into violent chaos. The human world has since entered a dark era, and civilians have to struggle to survive in the last days.

Warriors, maybe you cherish the singing, gentleness, and love of the world’s wind singing birds, maybe you don’t really like the world very much, or you just think the world would be even more boring if it falls into the hands of those boring dark creatures. , Anyway, if there is something you want to protect, draw your sword! The fate of mankind depends on you in the future!

[Game Features]

——Innovation of Minesweeper

In the game, you can feel the classic gameplay of minesweeper. Just click on the grid in front of you to open it, and long press on the grid to mark the grid. Unlike traditional minesweeping, all mines in the game have become monsters, and their abilities are different. If an elite monster is accidentally turned out, it is possible to accidentally lose the game. Therefore, we must judge carefully, look for the key to open the exit, and explore the deeper treasure.

——Roguelike gameplay

Levels are full of a lot of Roguelike elements. Once you pass the level, you can return to the city or continue with a specific level. The map is random, the event is random, the BUFF is random, the reward is random, and many uncertain factors make your choice will produce a butterfly effect every time. You never know what the next level is like and what monsters are waiting for you to challenge.

——Various choices of heroes

We have planned a variety of occupations. They have different personalities and abilities. Choosing different heroes to go out will bring you a completely different experience of going through the barriers. Violent flow, control flow, panacea, and some heroes can even provide you with the convenience of minesweeping. .

——Rich equipment attributes

The attributes of the equipment in the game are randomly generated and varied. Even the same equipment of the same quality may produce completely different effects. You can freely choose equipment collocations, full attack and full defense against big blood bulls, dodge crit pile penetration, there is always one The model suits you.

Through the minefield
Hossam Galal

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