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Three Kingdoms Village

Three Kingdoms Village

By: 创意怪兽

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"The village chief! Our village has been attacked again!"

In a brand new Three Kingdoms troubled world, your village was destroyed by the attack of bandits. You inherited the legacy of the old village chief who sacrificed to defend the village and became the new village chief. Therefore, the important task of reviving the village has fallen on your shoulders.

In this troubled world of warlords fighting for hegemony, how do you direct the surviving villagers to redevelop your village? How can you defend against the enemies who covet the village?

The legendary story that belongs to you and your village will be written by you alone!

"In the "Three Kingdoms God Sheep...Ah no! In the "Three Kingdoms Village Master Biography", you will be able to experience a lot of things!

-Refreshing synthesis upgrade!

Different from the cumbersome and slow upgrade methods of other war strategy games, you only need to easily drag two buildings or troops of the same level together to directly upgrade your buildings or troops!

-Exciting battle!

The brave generals led countless troops in fierce battles on the battlefield. Platoon, formation, heads-up, squad...Any subtle changes you make in tactics may change the situation of this battle drastically!

—Interesting and rich plot experience!

Perhaps you are already familiar with the story of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" or "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", but here, you will experience a brand-new Three Kingdoms chaotic world from a new perspective!

-A powerful general in the Three Kingdoms!

In this world, you will meet the famous generals of the Three Kingdoms while reviving the village, and fight side by side with them as allies!

-And the most handsome, cute and super smart me!

You will also meet handsome, cute and super smart me in the village! I'm super smart! I'm smarter than that Wang Ergou several times! ... Ergou, don't hit me! "

Three Kingdoms Village
Hossam Galal

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