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Three Kingdoms Battle

Three Kingdoms Battle

By: 深圳真爱玩

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"Three Kingdoms" is an ancient officialdom theme strategy management mobile game. From a small official of the nine ranks, he gradually became a big official of the first rank.

The game is presented vividly with the first visual appearance of being an official, and the gameplays include encounters with beauties, childbirth, cultivating doormen, managing assets, yamen controversy, and multi-person social interaction.

[Life experience can't help but destiny is man-made]

In the three dynasties of political corruption, the player plays a petty official with a miserable life experience and a brilliance. In your own role, for the country and the people. Righteousness and awe-inspiring, not afraid of power, to solve the suffering of the people.

[Official promotion, Le Daquan held in hand]

The ninth grade official can also have a day in the making. The perfect official promotion system allows you to experience the thrill of being promoted to the ranks. Power is in your hands, tens of thousands of people, a million masters are waiting for your orders!

[The confidante lets you raise your eyebrows with a smile]

Here, you can meet all kinds of beautiful women, beautiful dancing Yu Ji, alluring Diao Chan, heroic Sun Shangxiang, and talented Cai Wenji.

[The tent under the command of the door is open and clear]

Famous historical ministers are about to put you under your command, let them be sent by you, to overcome difficulties for you, to carry forward the past, and to help you speed up the road to promotion and nobility.

[The plot is brought into the battle between strong officials and courage]

The original plot, the super-inspiring sense, and the intriguing officialdom battles, let you say goodbye to the boring and single monster spawning upgrades, abandoning a single business gameplay, it is not happy!

Three Kingdoms Battle
Hossam Galal

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