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Thirteen Souls

Thirteen Souls

By: 谷得游戏

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【game introduction】

"Thirteen Souls" is a 3D panoramic martial arts fighting mobile game. The game adopts traditional Chinese ink painting style, joins twelve zodiac martial arts heroes, and matches various magnificent Chinese style scene maps, allowing players to experience the real martial arts world!

The special effects of the battle screen such as the frame, the screen shaking, the transformation, the QTE big move style change, etc., greatly improve the thrill of the game!

The unique gameplay is no longer restricted to the damage mode in traditional fighting games! All kinds of powerful moves are seamlessly connected and do not give the enemy a chance to breathe.

Hurry up and join "Thirteen Souls", and join the battle of joy and enmity!

[Game Features]

3D panoramic battle, break through the dimensional shackles and kill freely!

A 3D panoramic battlefield is used, freeing the sense of space constraints in the 2D scene.

In "Thirteen Souls", players can tilt and observe the 360°/180° full angle of view. They are no longer trapped in the locked view of the local space, realizing the cool tricks of heaven and earth.

1v1 hero duel, the purest fighting art!

Multiplayer fighting? Was killed by the crowd before seeing the battlefield clearly! Fighting hard can not save the team from failure!

Take turns? There is no thrilling experience of lasting battle! Can't feel the heroic glory!

Let us bid farewell to these modes and come to a passionate hero heads-up duel. Like a real master of martial arts, learn from masters alone, and discuss the best of swordsmanship.

The heroes of the Zodiac are here, each with their own characteristics waiting for you to fight!

The game incorporates elements of the zodiac that have been passed down through the ages, and they appear as heroes.

Not only can you choose your own natal zodiac hero in the game, you can also choose other unique zodiac heroes.

For example, the smart monkey (Wukong), the dog with damage bonus (Chi Tian), and the rabbit (Jade Rabbit) that automatically restores evil spirits, there are more heroic features waiting for you to discover.

The unique gameplay will bring a brand new fighting experience!

Attacks only take evil spirits and do not cause damage. Only skills that instill evil spirits can cause a certain amount of damage.

The new mode has increased the requirements for operation and skill release, just to bring you the most distinctive combat experience.

Combination skills + QTE big move + blast transformation, the ultimate operation blasts the full screen!

With the addition of a wide variety of combo skills such as flying, block, dodge, and combo, the player needs to react in a short time to successfully trigger the QTE big move, plus the burst of energy after the accumulation of energy.

With such a variety of fingertip operations, you can experience an unprecedented thrill of competition and burst the full screen of the game.

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Thirteen Souls
Hossam Galal

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