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Thinking beauty

Thinking beauty

By: 广州银汉科技有限公司

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The new national style epic "Thinking Beauty" mobile game is authorized by the original TV series of "Thinking Beauty". The legendary epic is composed of strong national style, and it perfectly presents a thousand-year-old romance that belongs to Qu Yuan and Lu Li. The game highly restores the TV plot, moving the interpretation of Qu Yuan's heart to the world, compassion for the common people and the road to a strong nation and salvation. Magnificent 3D visual effects, ingenuity to create vanilla beauty and Warring States style. Only the American style picture, the ink painting relives the romantic ancient culture. People with lofty ideals gather to fight and take you back to the Warring States Period to write epic legends with Qu Yuan. Romantic country style, beauties meet, 2017 will accompany you in "Thinking Beauty", and go to a romantic meeting that Chinese talents understand!

Thinking beauty
Hossam Galal

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