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there is only one truth

there is only one truth

By: 魂动

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I am a detective, and for some ulterior reason, I have to stay in a hotel temporarily.

Around 11:11. Loud voices came from outside the corridor.

"It's dead!"

"I heard that I'm still a star!"

"It's so miserable...who did it?!"

I was a little curious, so I watched the excitement outside the scene.

After a while, a fat man who called himself a detective stood up. He glanced at the scene and said to everyone with a triumphant expression: "This is obviously a murder! Look at--"

"If someone like you is also worthy of a detective, I think this world is not far from the end~", I shook my head with a wry smile, and interrupted him when he was halfway through the reasoning.

I threw out my reasoning, and made him speechless, his face flushed with humiliation, and he was about to attack. The police just arrived.

...Finally, the police investigation confirmed my reasoning, and I also entered the public eye because of this case.

Very good, the plan can begin soon...

there is only one truth
Hossam Galal

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