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The way home

The way home

By: 万匠游戏

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game introduction

This is a beautiful love story. In order to retrieve the lost memory and the beloved woman, Allen bravely embarks on the difficult road of puzzle solving.

Game features

Exquisite graphics, cool special effects

The game background and line-drawing effects of each chapter give you a different visual enjoyment.

Innovative props, diverse gameplay

New game rules will appear in each chapter, such as numerical order, designated direction, cross, wormhole crossing, second starting point, double arrow misleading, three-color area, hidden area, end jump, arrow rotation, area rotation, etc. You Must cross various obstacles, step by step.

Beautiful card, touching confession

Every sentence of the classic moving confession resonates with you. You can collect these exquisite cards and share them with your friends.

Come and start your love journey with Alan!

The way home
Hossam Galal

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