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The Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdoms

By: 飞鱼科技

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what? Zhang Fei transformed into a bear, Cao Cao became a tiger, and Lu Bu was an eagle, dare you believe it!

"The Three Kingdoms of the Beast" is a turn-based strategy mobile game.

The Devil tried to control the world, and all the famous generals of the three countries were turned into beasts. Players need to continuously collect famous generals in the game to help the beastly three nations recover their human form against the devil emperor, and cultivate their own strongest army to deal with various battles and save the common people!

[Unexpected strategy]

In the initial version, nearly a hundred famous players from the three countries appeared

Hundreds of personality skills

Team control flow, rear-hand blast injury flow, tank output flow, high-speed spike flow...

Round operation is simple, strategy is above all else

[A famous general in various forms]

Collect and develop your own celebrities

Animal form, human form, violent form

After the transformation, the attributes are greatly enhanced, and the combat effectiveness is exploded.

[Various ways to play]

Silly pets help soaring combat power

A team of five bravely rushed to the 100-story Tower of Devil

Challenge solo or team up to attack Nanhua Temple

[Challenge global players]

The same service globally, never roll back!

The global player arena is waiting for you to fight, it’s up to you to crush your opponents or let others slaughter them.

The Three Kingdoms
Hossam Galal

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