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The Nine Heavens

The Nine Heavens

By: 無常工作室

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★ "The Legend of Nine Heavens" is an action-adventure stand-alone game with an oriental fantasy theme. The game is supervised by the senior game producer, Changjun, and developed and produced by the impermanence studio under Shanghai Miaoqiu. The game follows the world view of Jiuxiao created by the foreman. The game is based on refreshing real-time battles, and incorporates many adventure elements and puzzle-solving designs.

In the game, "you" plays Step Yao, a disciple of the impermanence gate, a cold, arrogant and lonely talented assassin. It coincides with the rebirth of the demon king "gluttonous" on the northern continent, you are accidentally eroded by the "gluttonous remnant spirit" during a mission. In addition to seeking a way to save yourself, you also have to face the change of your identity from hunter to prey. The curtain of ancient conspiracy is about to open...

★The 2020 game is about to land on Steam&WeGame.

★In 2019, Beijing Nuclear Fusion provided game trials and officially released the actual demonstration video.

★The action puzzle game with the theme of Oriental Fairy was first exposed at WePlay 2018.


Player exchange group: 827620919

Official Weibo: Jiu Xiao Jing Shen Ji

Official WeChat: Jiu Xiao Jing Shen Ji

Official Station B: Jiuxiao Jishen Ji


★Xianxia world under cartoon rendering

The game uses cartoon rendering to explore and express the Chinese fairy tale culture. The various scenes, characters, bosses, etc. in the game are set with reference to Chinese ancient books and combined with contemporary aesthetics to create a fairy world that is infused with oriental art, culture and aesthetics.

★Changeable gameplay throughout the adventure

You will encounter many ancient relics and natural wonders on the adventure road. Exploring the way out is not only to flexibly use one's superb parkour ability, but also to solve various puzzles hidden in it. Desperate escape may be the only way out when necessary.

★ Refreshing battles without losing depth

The game is centered on high-speed and refreshing real-time combat, using gorgeous combo skills to kill the enemy, but the enemy's counterattack is equally deadly. Special enemies need to switch play styles and strategies in a targeted manner, and flexibly use dodge, anti-counterfeiting or rushing abilities, and they can also be anti-attack and suppress the enemy.

★Anti-traditional plot interaction

"The Legend of the Nine Heavens" tells a non-traditional fairy tale. "You" not only have to complete the level to push the plot to get closer to the truth, but also make your own choice in the event that cannot distinguish between illusion and reality. Wrong decisions often bring unexpected results.

★Master joins the alternative genre

The game production supervisor, Jun, sincerely invites two well-known musicians, Luo Jiyi and Feng Mingxiao, to compose music for the game. While retaining the national charm of the music style, boldly try the fusion of electronic music and electronic music elements to ignite your adrenaline in the game. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

A strange journey is about to begin!


[Awarded Glory]

★ The most anticipated game of the 2018 Bull Ear Awards

★ 2019 CCIA National Style Game Expectation Award

★ 2019GWB Excellent Picture Performance Award

★ 2019 indiePlay Best Rising Star Award

★ 2019 CGDA Professional Group Best Game Audio Design Award Excellence Award


If you want to know the development progress of "Nine Heavens", you can make an appointment, and we will update the content regularly.

In order to give everyone a chance to experience the game in advance, we will also consider participating in the offline game exhibition. The player demo will also be planned. The registration channel will guide the official exchange group: 827620919. After the relevant activities are confirmed, they will be notified in the group as soon as possible.

The Nine Heavens
Hossam Galal

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