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The Master Comes to Cultivation (Beta Version)

The Master Comes to Cultivation (Beta Version)

By: 嘉量游戏

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"The Master Comes to Cultivation" is a placement simulation game, the player will become the overlord of the unknown sect and experience a very real journey of cultivating immortals! There is a long journey to practice and triumph. In order to complete the goal of expanding the sect as soon as possible, the suzerain needs to continue to train disciples, collect resources, manage caves,

Crusade against sects, annex sects, and complete the great cause of cultivating immortals!

It is very different from other worlds of cultivation: everything the Sovereign has done is to lead the disciples to the top of the immortal world, but also to discuss the mystery of the way of cultivation with her beloved, to cultivate the true fruit together, and soar into the clouds. The other side~

[Game Features]

1. Love to cultivate immortals and rise to the realm

2. Recruit disciples and gather combat power

3. Collect treasures and trade flexibly

4. Crusade against sects and annex sects

5. Sudden experience, random acquisition

The Master Comes to Cultivation (Beta Version)
Hossam Galal

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