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The Machines

The Machines

By: Directive Games Limited

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**Released on the same stage at the autumn Apple conference**

"The Machines is probably Apple's most stunning augmented reality gaming experience right now"-Eurogamer

"If you don't have much budget to spend on AR games, then maybe this one is at least to play."-Pocket Gamer

"The Machines is the best testimony of future AR games"-Macworld

"Games based on ARKit technology-highly recommended, very affordable!"-AR Critic


In The Machines, compete with your friends in the augmented reality world, experience 3D sound effects and visual effects to bring you an unprecedented gaming experience.

Use powerful skills to take advantage of space and bring you ever-changing tactics and strategies. Become a champion on the world leaderboard.

Victory or defeat depends on the skill of the game, careful deployment and detailed tactical considerations. It is not only the deployment of troops and generals, but also the movement around the battlefield to find the most tricky tactical angle.


Shocking visual effects

The Machines uses advanced technology to advance the ultimate visual experience of mobile devices. The battle scene has more than 1.2 million faces, using 4K precision art materials, combined with the rendering method of physical attributes, to bring you an unprecedented exquisite picture.

3D spatial sound

Your spatial position in the real world can change the sound effects you hear. The sound becomes stronger when it is close to the sound source, and weaker when it is far away. If hidden behind a rock, there will be a reflected sound effect, just like in the real world.

Gaming experience based on spatial orientation

Your spatial orientation in the real world is a crucial interactive experience in this augmented reality game. Constantly change your position to get richer exhibition information, or use the advantages of space to exert the greatest power of super weapons.

Challenging multiplayer battles

Keep defeating challengers from all over the world, win your place on the global leaderboard, and prove that you are the master of tactics and position. Experience points can also be obtained in single-player games.

Friends challenge

Add them to your list by sending your friends an invitation link so that you can compete on the same field, whether you are far away or close at hand. You can dominate a party even more on the friend rankings.


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The Machines
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