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The Lost Throne TCG

The Lost Throne TCG

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About this game

This is a world-view trading card game with a variety of card combinations. The game incorporates war-like chess and RPG elements, and players can experience a unique experience combining these elements. At the same time, we will continue to launch single-player campaigns, PVP dungeons, multi-player PVE dungeons, etc., to lead players into a new TCG card era.

How to play the game?

"Lost Throne" currently allows up to 2 players to play against each other, with multiplayer mode and single-player plot mode. In the game, players need to build their own decks and fight against each other through several rounds until they get the final victory.

Independent worldview and main storyline

The original independent IP-"The Lost Throne" will bring players a very immersive gaming experience. Experience the fun of card games while telling the story. The lifelike characters and skills experience vividly depicted in the plot will be brought into the actual battle of the players.

Original units have rich effects

Different units in "The Lost Throne" have their own unique original effects. These effects and the characteristics of the cards themselves make the entire battle unpredictable. Try more units to enrich your hand.

Rich strategic dimensions

The interspersed round design, the game of the players in the system, the plan here will never keep up with the changes. Highly real-time, your success or failure is precipitated in every decision you make, and your experience is accumulated in every battle you have. Interpret your opponent's strategic intentions and change your strategy in time, every link is indispensable!

The four initial races

"The Lost Throne" has four initial races: humans, elves, undead, and demons. Human beings who are constantly moving forward and expanding in scale, the undead who are constantly resurrecting from the cemetery, the demon who sacrifices or the elves that mark their opponents. Coupled with the construction of different races, it will bring players a diverse and immersive fantasy experience!

War chess game

"The Lost Throne" has highly original rule settings, and the setting of the soldier line in the game provides a variety of strategic options for the game's battle. Players must carefully deploy their troops, otherwise it's only a matter of time before they lose all games!

Unique charm of TCG

Card exchange

In "Lost Throne", players will be able to obtain cards through card exchanges with other friends, exchange purchases, and card packs. Want to build your own powerful deck? Create your own social circle and check if there is your need in the exchange!

Card building

In "The Lost Throne", players can freely combine the cards they own to build their own powerful decks. You can focus on the overall picture, or you can adjust the smallest details. Here, owning rarer cards is not the key to victory. Effective use of the chain reaction established by existing cards and adapting to the opponent's strategy on the battlefield is the fundamental way to win!

The above is just the tip of the iceberg

In the testing phase, every update we will make a lot of balance corrections to improve the player's experience. We will, as always, improve the stability and overall quality of the game through various small patches before the next major update arrives. There are many more endless talks, waiting for your discovery!

This will be a feast for you!

The Lost Throne TCG
Hossam Galal

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