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The breakfast shop downstairs (beta)

The breakfast shop downstairs (beta)

By: YiYo Studios

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"Breakfast Shop Downstairs" is a warm restaurant management game, like a late-night cafeteria, while cooking food for the guests, while sharing the experience with them, the story slowly unfolds...

I think the boss at this time...

He must be furious...

After squeezing the subway for 523 days...

After 428 nights of overtime...

That morning, an idea blossomed with a "bang"...

Be your own boss!


Life shouldn't be the same every day, I have to decide my own life!

at last.......

I became the owner of "Breakfast Shop Downstairs"!


Sure enough, I am more motivated to do things for myself!

I meet different people every day,

Do what you like every day!


Slowly I got to know many people with stories,

They are my customers,

At the same time share their stories with me.


Slowly my business is getting bigger and bigger,

I found my new "assistant",

He is so cute!


Game features:

●Gameplay that you have not experienced yet.

●The type of food you haven't made yet.

●A plot format that you haven't experienced yet.

●A game that provides insights into life styles.

●This is not perfect, but it must be interesting.

Sincerely hope that you like this game, we will continue to improve and continue to add new gameplay and stories.

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The breakfast shop downstairs (beta)
Hossam Galal

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