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The Blue Legacy

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[Game Description].

This is a vertical real-time action 2D RPG adventure game, beautiful game graphics and exquisite characters are a major feature of this game, the gameplay, rich fantasy plot to bring unlimited possibilities to the warriors of the adventure, warriors can use three characters to fully feel the passion and weight of the game, this work by Amano Yo***aka as the illustrator, music supervised by Iwata Masaru, as the music supervisor. In addition, the script is written by Hiroyuki Matsumoto, a super strong lineup that allows you to experience a more perfect game world.

[Game Description]

The Green War Chronicle is a role-playing action hand game with beautiful graphics, the game is a classic Japanese series of beautiful anime style, beautiful game graphics and exquisite characters are a major feature of this work, a rich fantasy plot to the warriors of the adventure brings infinite possibilities, warriors can use three characters to fully feel the passion and weight of the game.

The full one-handed operation of the vertical version of the real-time action hand game].

A 2D action game that moves amazingly smoothly and can be enjoyed easily and comfortably with one hand. The easy-to-use portrait interface allows you to play anytime, anywhere during your commute to and from work or during your lunch break.

[Powerful lineup of artists makes the stand-ups a classic].

With an unprecedented production team, the illustrations are by Final Fantasy series artist Yo***aka Amano, the music is supervised by Masaru Iwata, who also worked on the Final Fantasy soundtrack, and the script is by Romancework's Hiroshi Tanaka (who worked on the classic "Legend" series of console games). Hiroyoshi Yu Matsumoto as.

A variety of professions and roles to switch battles.

The game has a variety of different growth professions, breaking through the traditional lifelong system of professions in the traditional hand games, and bidding farewell to the traditional structure of warfare, law and herding, bringing players more selectivity and freedom with a variety of professions with unique positioning and style, so that warriors are no longer bound by the limitations of a single profession. In addition, different professions can be combined at will in the form of "three-person teams", allowing players to truly experience the fun of a million different battle strategies.

Tower of Trials Challenge the enemy team.

Tower of Refinement: A matchmaking game where you challenge other warriors to reach the top of the tower. 3 characters from your own team vs 3 characters from your enemy's team.

Teamwork Challenge: Defeat your enemies together!

Synergy Challenge: Warriors and friends can use their own cultivated powerful characters to challenge the powerful bosses that appear at specific times, and enjoy the game's unique teamwork in the battle adventure, exciting fun!

The Blue Legacy
Hossam Galal

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