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Tears of the Goddess

Tears of the Goddess

By: 游戏墓地

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The 3D classic dark wind battle MMORPG mobile game "Tears of the Goddess" is coming! Lightly hang up, focus on confrontation, get rid of tedious operations, refuse boring upgrades, hang up if you want to hang up, kill if you want to kill, rekindle the blood and passion of the year.

[Easily hang up and free your hands]

Abandon the traditional task and the upgrade mode of refreshing the picture, the on-hook upgrade is easy and efficient, the field and the copy hang up when you want, and the original offline on-hook function allows you to fight anytime, anywhere.

[Grab the blame PK with unlimited passion]

A variety of Boss competition gameplay, a large number of top-quality equipment drops, while releasing the passion of killing, greatly improving equipment and combat power. There are also a variety of gameplay methods such as legion battles, camp battles, guard battles, and competitive battles. Whether you want to be the best in the world, or you want to siege the city, you can be satisfied in the game.

[Goddess develops unlimited ways to play]

The original goddess system brings a large number of legendary goddesses with different styles to your side. Some are gentle and elegant to heal the soul, some are cold and frozen for thousands of miles, some are brave and powerful, and some are charming and seductive. always one option fit for you. The goddess system not only provides the greatest increase in combat power brought about by cultivation, but also adds a variety of interactive gameplay with goddesses, unlocking various postures through the increase in intimacy with each goddess, allowing you to experience unlimited fun.

[Cool appearance Wushuang God Wing]

A large number of cool external display functions, whether it is equipment external display or suits, greatly enhance the overall visual effect of the game. Among them, the god wing system is the most important thing. A variety of different styles of gods illusion are not only satisfying. In addition to the fun of cultivation, it can also greatly satisfy your visual pursuit.

[Different styles of exquisite scenes]

A large number of field scenes and copies of maps, different scenes have different styles, there are dozens of types such as churches, underground palaces, ancient tombs, snowfields, etc., the design is fine and original, and the rich plot greatly enhances the overall visual effect and the sense of substitution of the game .

Tears of the Goddess
Hossam Galal

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