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Super ball

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"Super Ball" is a cute-style casual competitive mobile game with cute graphics and diverse skills. In "Super Ball", the cute elves and the cool exterior decoration make people dizzy. The map elements are very real, the style of the painting belongs to the cartoon and cute style, and the various terrain special effects are also handled very well. In traditional ball games, we boldly innovate, adding a variety of skills and ingenious terrain factors and so on. By completing tasks and collecting materials, you can unlock more elf characters, and you can use different characters in each game to compete, so that the classics can continue.

With the starry sky and the ocean as the map background, players will choose their favorite elves in the game, grow by devouring food distributed in various places on the map, and continuously increase their size, and then swallow other elves smaller than themselves for real-time confrontation .

In addition to the typical personal PVP confrontation in the game, players can also play team games with different players, collaborate, collide, and swallow other elves; characteristic skills and item gameplay enrich the operability and fun of the game. In addition, The collection of various elves and appearances is also one of the core gameplay of the game.

Super ball
Hossam Galal

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