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Stupid dunk

Stupid dunk

By: AppicPlay

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Start trying the most prank dunk game now!

Waved his arms, jumped forward, grabbed the ball with one hand, burst dunk.

Each word above describes how to play this game,

But when you start the game, you just think "Wow, this is all right?!"

No need for complicated operations,

As long as you control the jump back and forth, the player will wave his arms by himself.

Find the right time, hold the ball, jump

Can easily dunk the ball into the bottom of the basket.

Fast mode, arcade mode, tournament,

A variety of models respond to all kinds of time-killing needs.

Massive character decorations can be unlocked,

Let you easily customize the most personalized character.

After practicing the skills, you can pull your friends to abuse them,

Local two-player battle mode,

Let you laugh and laugh anytime, anywhere,

Teamed up in exaggeration and funny.

Game features:

-Stupid and funny characters, exaggerated dunk performance;

-Simple and easy-to-use operation and gameplay;

-Enter the game in a few seconds to start the challenge;

-A lot of collectible content can be pursued slowly;

-3 modes and 5 scenes provide a rich experience.

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Stupid dunk
Hossam Galal

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