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Street Football

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4v4 street competitive soccer game "Hot Blood Street Football", the game is carefully designed with many players with different personalities and avant-garde shapes, a street court full of graffiti, and a strong street style everywhere; the organic integration of various street styles and hip-hop elements allows players to experience the most realistic and spirited street soccer in the game.

#Player development, a hundred different fashions

The game not only provides rich roles for players to choose, but also sets up a unique player development system, in the game and the players grow together, dominate the field, and win the World Cup!

The game is designed for a large number of special fashion, different parts at will with a hundred different shapes, there is always a suitable for you ~

# Hot blood competition, a battle to become famous

In addition to the traditional competition mode, the game also added the ladder ranking system. Compete with players from all over the world in the ranking match! The battle is about to start! Join your friends and challenge for the championship!

With the smoothest player action, the most fashionable game style, and the most intense and bloodthirsty competitive gameplay, Kinko's Street Football is sweeping the streets, bringing you the most passionate gaming experience!

Kickoff is now, are you coming?

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Street Football
Hossam Galal

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