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By: 咸鱼游戏

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"In the era of peace, the gods are dead, the miracles are no longer visible, the sun is stagnant on the horizon, the earth ushered in an endless winter, and the golem tribes thought to have been extinct appeared in large numbers in the north without warning. Furiously attacking and plundering, humans and all races are struggling to survive on this continent, facing huge crises again and again..."

(Ahem... We really can't make up the story... In fact, I just want to play a game of heartbreaking and angering others' nests!)

Words from the leader:

Ha~~! I am the Persian in the game (people in the project team respect me as the leader, plan to design me as a golem clan, and ask the art to draw an inexplicably silly mark on my chest, but I think I am actually Titans), you will see my mighty and domineering figure in the game. You can come and play with me. If you have no confidence in yourself, you can also call a group of relatives and friends. I am waiting at any time (the days when no one comes to fight are as lonely as snow, and there is nothing to eat when you are hungry)! Of course you can use your skills to mock me, freeze me, and stun me, but you have to remember one sentence: You can't touch my soul at all! Wow ha ha ha ha ha! (Only numerical planning can do this, huh~)

Hossam Galal

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