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Stick to the sky

Stick to the sky

By: 成都众娱科技有限公司

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"Band Finger Sky" is an ARPG mobile game adapted from the original authorization of the Return of the Great Sage. It tells a series of wonderful stories that the protagonist accidentally met the young Tang Seng, Monkey King Monkey King and Zhu Bajie. Pets, fashions, artifacts, and various cute and dazzling shapes in the game highlight their individuality among thousands of people. The 360-degree battle mode with no dead ends automatically locks on the target, rich skill combinations, and refreshing combos beyond your expectations! Characteristic systems such as the combat system, crafting system, and gang system give players an endless sense of exploration. The smooth real-time battles, relaxing leisure activities, and exciting dungeons will definitely immerse your friends!

Stick to the sky
Hossam Galal

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