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Star Wars

Star Wars

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In "Star Wars", players can enrich their card library by collecting battle cards of different types and functions. Before the battle begins, players can freely choose the cards they want to fight, which greatly enhances the player’s degree of freedom. Space for change. Free strategy is super brain-burning, and no brainless krypton gold game is rejected!

-----Game Features-----

Each unit has unique effects, such as charge, area attack, automatic production, stealth, etc. There is a relationship between strength and weakness and restraint between arms. In the battle, players need to respond according to the enemy player’s troop deployment.

As a powerful unit different from ordinary arms, hero units often play a vital role in the field. Different heroes have different positioning skills. Players can choose different hero units to fight according to their card combinations.

In addition to putting in various combat units, players can also choose spell skills with different effects. Sometimes spell skills will have unexpected effects during the confrontation.

There will be a talent tree outside the field that affects the overall situation, and the talent tree will further provide attribute bonuses for different units. The same level of talent as troop upgrades and star upgrades is also completed through combat experience and card fragments.

Star Wars
Hossam Galal

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