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Squeelings is a puzzle mobile game that hopes to spread happiness.

One by one tiny creatures squeeze and live in large groups, they nest together, comfortable, soft and warm. Most of them are happy, but some are sad, and some are grumpy. Your task is to make them happy by calculating the best hug strategy. This is a difficult task, but someone has to do it.

Source of inspiration

Squeelings was originally inspired by Darknet, McNeill's virtual cyberpunk hacking game, when he realized that Darknet's puzzle mechanics would be transformed into mobile. E contacted Jack Sone, a fellow San Diego independent developer, and took over the main development of cute new themes. With other help (including lovely art from Spanish artist Juan Carlos Cruz Santana), Squeelings came to our world and it was our purpose to make it a little happier.


Nestled in the soft, warm and furry animal world.

More than 300 puzzles, original game mechanics, and challenges that respect wisdom.

But really, embracing squeelings is the biggest reward in itself.

Hossam Galal

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