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SpyGo spy battle

SpyGo spy battle

By: 圣上游戏

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SpyGo is a casual mobile game with multiplayer online battle agents.

The latest features of the NEW version are introduced:

.New challenge system mode, the first 3V3 clue battle challenge during the National Day launch period, accept the challenge with your agents and friends

.The friend system is officially launched. The game can be logged in through QQ, WeChat, and tourists, and friends can be added to each other to form a team and chat to challenge each other.

.Reset the matching interface, select characters, skins, and props at a glance, and invite online friends to match

.Optimizing the advertising system, shopping mall-watch ads to get Spy coins, and after winning the 3V3 game, you can get "extra rewards" by watching ads, no need to go to the end!

.Expression system: In the game, you can click on the game character to select three expressions to send, the interaction becomes more interesting!

The new mode is waiting for the challenges of the agents, and the big battle (1V4) and single player mode will be waiting for you to fight after the holiday!

Hand-made gorgeous dividing line---------------------------------------------- ---

In the game, you will play the role of "agent" or "undercover" against other players!

"Five agents, you only have five minutes to find the key clues in the map. Remember, one of you is an undercover agent! He will secretly prevent you from carrying out the mission. As for who it is, I don't know."

Agents, you only have this information, and you need to face obstacles and undercover obstacles, even though you are extraordinary

But there is not much time left for you, find the clues soon!

.SpyGo’s original 4V1 confrontation mode, with 4 agents fighting 1 undercover

. Each task is only 5 minutes, experience the excitement in leisure!

.No level, no equipment, victory depends on operation and strategy

.5 special agents with special skills to choose from, there is no strength but only skills

.The perfect combination of skills and props is more conducive to completing tasks

.Exquisite dress-ups make the agent more unique

.According to the badge of honor, who is the better agent among friends?

.What is behind the clues? Wonderful plot waiting for you to unlock

.Remember, there are no real friends in the world of agents, missions are your only goal

SpyGo spy battle
Hossam Galal

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