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Spy: Shocking Sting

Spy: Shocking Sting

By: HelloMeow工作室

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"Guide to the pit"

The spy war suspense, text solves the mystery.

Multiple branches and multiple endings, please rest assured to enter the pit.

"story background"

This is the 1940s when the guns are full of smoke.

In Chongqing, this sloping city, row upon row of bombs are constantly falling from the air. The huge roar tore apart the clouds, air, architecture and life behind time.

Shanghai, an isolated island during the Japanese occupation, the neon lights are shining coldly.

A "bag inquiring" in the street muddled;

A blind girl kidnapped by the Japanese army;

A CCP undercover lurking in the second place of the military reunification headquarters;

A surgeon who dares to love and hate;

One of Shanghai's number one socialite;

A medicinal material merchant with a mystery...

They were involved in the spy sea for different reasons.

Waiting for them will be a dark battle before dawn.

"game introduction"

Witness the surging spy sea whirlpool from the perspective of an outsider.

Look for clues in the pile of old papers and capture the echoes of history.

Use the map to travel through the two isolated cities of Chongqing and Shanghai to reproduce the story scene.

Deepen the intricate relationship between characters and influence the future and outcome of every authority.

If you knew that this was a fateful tragedy of moths to the fire, would you let them forget about each other, or let them fall in love in desperate situations?

If you have foreseen that he/she will pay the price of his life for the next action, will you reverse the trajectory of history, or let him/her die generously and die for the country?

If you have the magical ability to tamper with the tragedy that has happened, will you choose to sit on the sidelines or turn the tide?

If you are a spy war fan——

So this time, you can be a bystander of history, or write a new history.

『Original Novel』

Based on Hai Fei's novel of the same name

"development team"

HelloMeow Happy Waste Studio

Spy: Shocking Sting
Hossam Galal

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