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Spider squad

Spider squad

By: ESoul Game

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Commander, welcome to join the spider squad. The Spider Squad is an independent spy organization. Not affiliated with any country or institution. For hundreds of years, the spider squad only acted to maintain truth and justice.

This time, your task is to lead three agents with different characteristics through several levels. Expose the evil conspiracy, once again represent the spider squad, and save the world.

Yes, this is an agent game, but it is a bit different from other agent games. As the commander of the spider squad, before the start of each mission, you can understand the mission’s objectives, enemy configuration, map details, and so on, everything you need to know. And you must do all the planning and design of the agent's actions before the mission begins, and after the mission begins. Agents are not something you can control. You can only act as a bystander, rejoicing for the success of the mission, or press the retry button.

In your squad, there are ace agents who can shoot and fight the enemy head-on, as well as sneakers who can sneak without being detected and unlock the locks at will. At the same time, there are also IQs up to 300 that can hack the enemy’s mechanical defense facilities at will, and control the computer door opening and closing at will. A master hacker who changes the terrain. Their functions are different, and you need to plan for them all at the beginning, let them cooperate seamlessly and pass the task. Oh, by the way, every task has a time limit, and all the actions of the agent will take a certain amount of time, so every step of your planning must be extremely precise. If you can't even do this, how can you save the world?

All the plots in the game will be presented in the form of American comics, with layers of conspiracies and characters of different shapes when you clear the level. I hope you will be moved by this story, and at the same time proud of saving the world for yourself.

Spider squad
Hossam Galal

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