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Speed hurricane

Speed hurricane


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Anti-gravity racing, experience the smooth speed challenge, come and stage the chase!

A cool anti-gravity aircraft event, a desperate competition with players from all over the world on a thrilling track, using every prop on the track and powerful acceleration jets to make all kinds of special actions and surpass your opponents, while being careful of their Collision! Don't let go of any chance to kill them!

Get rich rewards to greatly improve your engine, buy a brand-new super aircraft, and experience a completely different driving pleasure. Use amazing driving skills to conquer opponents all over the world!

*Exciting sense of speed and fun of competitive confrontation.

* Abundant props bring an extraordinary experience of invigorating and dripping.

*Cool special effects scrolling to win more rewards.

* Break through the limit speed and hit the champion to unlock advanced levels.

* Massive gold coins upgrade your engine system to the top level.

*Compete against players from all over the world on the leaderboard.

Speed hurricane
Hossam Galal

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