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Social age: hitting workers

Social age: hitting workers

By: Bosa-Games

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Gameplay: Players need to make friends with different NPCs, from unfamiliar to understanding, from familiar to intimacy, in order to obtain more investment information, achieve financial freedom, and then start a business to obtain career success.

Entrepreneurship is not about your father giving you 500 million, but you have to really start from the bottom, get a little promotion and raise your salary, let your income and expenditure be proportional to it, and get idle funds.

You have to make different friends and strengthen your relationship by chatting with them, entertaining guests, playing games, etc., so as to obtain more investment information.

With idle funds and investment information, you can explore wealth in investment opportunities and win the first pot of gold in your life.

Then you can get friends, jointly set up an Internet company, recruit employees, and decide the direction of the company to create your Internet business and become a real industry leader.

Game features:

Investment and financial management game-through the game you can easily understand the financial statements, let you know where your money is going?

Internet entrepreneurship game-real life story, real Internet company growth

Find your partner-one hero and three gangs, you can develop the relationship between classmates or colleagues, and let them start a business with you. Of course, you can also start your own business, take your own risks, and get results.

Exploring investment opportunities-everyone can become an investor, and you can discover investment opportunities around you, and you can also become a wealth manager

Real events around you—hundreds of random events in life and work come from life and are higher than life. Your choice will make you dumbfounded.

Funny art style-every picture has a hidden story, can you see it?

Multiple intimate game systems-grab the bill, divide the trash, and compete with investors, which will make you smile when you play.

8 girls with different personalities-each woman has its own unique growth process, such as the Golden Girl, Voldemort, Bai Fumei, Xiaojiabiyu, etc. Girls with different personalities are waiting for you to discover the stories behind them.

10 male NPCs-the depth of your relationship with them determines that you can get different help from them. Knowing them and making friends with them will give you different growth in life.

Multiple endings-survival or destruction, stems from your choice in the game.

The game is now open on the Steam page. Players are welcome to add a wish list:

We also welcome all big players to join the official Q group of "Social Age": 692480052

Social age: hitting workers
Hossam Galal

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