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Shushan head

Shushan head

By: 极致游戏

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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The head slowly said: "The disciples who are in the sect internalized the golden age and above, go to the warehouse to receive one pill for each person, and go to the demonized land with me. Those who are arrogant and want to retreat, just one step later. can"

Looking across the Lingyun Hall, no one retreated, shouting "War!"

I was anxious and winked desperately to the head. He didn't seem to see it. I quickly raised my hand and asked, "I want to go to the head. Although our realm is not high, I am not afraid of death." The younger sister on the side also raised her right hand.

The head looked at us with a slight smile: "Jiuzhou is still there, no matter what our old bones will be, you have to continue..." The head hesitated, "You must live well." .

———【Shu Mountain Headmaster】———

Hello everyone! This is the little junior sister of Shushan who has been ordered by the head to live well! The above story is just the beginning, foresee what will happen, and listen to the next time to break it down! Today, the task of Junior Sister is to introduce our game to everyone.

"The Head of Shu Mountain" is a mobile game of [Martial School Management and Cultivation Placement]. In the game, players are transformed into the head of the group, taking charge of Shu Mountain from a new perspective, building various types of cultivation buildings, freely planning the landscape of the mountain gate, and planting elixir Making magic weapons, cultivating disciples, raising spirit beasts, and participating in grand event competitions in the realm of comprehension, allowing the declining sect to stand back on top of the realm of comprehension.

———【Game Features】———

"Founding a School"

At the beginning, the head of the sect is in charge, and it is a waste of time. It is necessary to build various functional buildings to lay a good foundation for the construction of the sect. The layout of the building can be freely planned, and there are dozens of decorative buildings. On the Shu Mountain, you can build your own dreamy gate.

"Simulation Management"

Farming, gathering, alchemy, refining, cultivation, continuous production and acquisition of resources, so that the virtuous operation of Shushan circulates. From time to time, there are matters concerning the survival and development of sects to be dealt with. It's not easy to be in charge!

"Kuangna Disciple"

The talents of the Quartet are coming here one after another! Selecting talents and appointing talents, famous teachers and high apprentices, I believe that under the careful cultivation of the master master, the apprentices will definitely excel and become the master's right-hand man!

"Spirit Beast Transformation"

The World Travel Adventure collects all kinds of rare and exotic animals, takes care of them, improves their growth and affection, and finally turns into a beauty to accompany you for a lifetime!

"Treasure Collection"

The road to immortality spiritual stone is indispensable! Mining spirit stones and other plants, starting furnaces to refine alchemy, harvest elixir secret medicine; Refining Workshop Treasure Pavilion, casting peerless magic weapons!

Shushan head
Hossam Galal

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