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Ring of Destiny

Ring of Destiny

By: 北京慕远科技有限公司

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* High-energy warning: toxic, brain burning, liver burst


All the cries in the world that yearn for knowledge, power, magic and destiny;

No matter how loudly you shout;

Or hidden in my heart;

All listened to by "Solomon's Will";

This mysterious existence draws on the power derived from human emotions all the time;

At the same time, in response, it will also select a handful of girls with unusual talents.

They were given the qualifications to participate in trials,

Go write your own legend!

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

The warriors who intend to save themselves and the world, responders to the will of the king!

Welcome to "Yuro Salim"-the Temple of Stars, the absolute realm of King Solomon's will.

In order to meet their own destiny, in order to find the answer in their hearts.

Are you ready?

Everything is on the top of the temple...

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

【How to play】

There are a total of 50 adventures, and each round is a new match.

The current version contains:

5 innovative professions:

"Shadow Flower", "Magic Arrow Archer", "Krypton Warlock", "Inheritance Angel", "Devil Summoner";

Each profession has its own routine mechanism. More routines, decks are waiting for you to develop...

700+ "cards" freely match;

100+ "Holy Objects" to help you easily pass the level;

150+ "achievements" are waiting for you to challenge;

50+ "random events"...

Different personalities, different destinies, more challenges...

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------


No sweeps, no ten consecutive draws

There is only endless brain-burning and free collocation

There is only one heart that loves two-dimensional games very much

In order to find the answer, for all the good things

Coarse hair! ! !

Ring of Destiny
Hossam Galal

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