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Rich Friends

Rich Friends

By: 沙尘暴工作室

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Was originally an unknown citizen

Suddenly discovered that the home villa can produce unlimited gold coins, and since then opened the way to the richest man

From investing in newsstands to conquering the universe, nothing can’t be settled with money

Intimidate and lure celebrities from all walks of life to earn income, compete with shopping malls, economic and trade disputes, and challenge major industry giants

This is an inspirational story about a small person becoming the richest man

But as long as you are human, you have troubles, and the rich are no exception

How to spend money on hand, how to use money to make more money

I thought everything was going smoothly, but the business sea was ups and downs, and the trade situation was turbulent.

It depends on how you operate to turn things around. In the strategic management and strategizing, the wealth of the world is all sucked under your feet.

The life of the beautiful secretary, the richest man in the luxury car party starts now

Rich Friends
Hossam Galal

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