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Reversing the drifter

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"Reversal Drifter" uses Japanese and Korean exquisite styles to feminize historical military generals. The character setting has a subtle connection with historical military generals. The perfect combination of the image of anime girls and historical military generals is an innovation of character personality. Exquisite graphics, rich gameplay, a variety of card combinations, hundreds of sister papers with different flavors. The game adopts the feminization of all historical characters. Players can view the postures of various military generals after "motherhood", including cute, glamorous, new-style, and imperial female generals. Girls can gradually increase their strength through strengthening, upgrading and other means! Through the crossing, the player is brought back to the long river of history, allowing the player to personally travel through the entire Chinese history and interpret the historical complex belonging to the player.

At the same time, the plot is designed and the character differences between each character, each character has a different interactive dialogue. The perfect interpretation of the character's personality through the voice actors (voice actors) has brought a feast of great enjoyment to the players' vision and hearing.

Reversing the drifter
Hossam Galal

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