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By: 欢乐

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"In every corner of the city, there is a piece of soil for sin, and our existence is to eradicate them..."

Seven years ago, my father took you and younger brother out on an outing, intending to ease the relationship between father and son through this rare gathering, but a mysterious phone call suddenly interrupted the outing. Father took you to the Fuai Almshouse by the sea. He went to the appointment alone with the dean but never came back. In the end, you were looking for you and found you fell in the dean’s office, and you were also attacked. You are so frightened that you cannot remember the mysterious clues left by your father before he died, and because of a moment of weakness, you watched your brother be kidnapped by a masked man. The mother angered your selfishness when she was kidnapped by her younger brother. She complained about you in her heart, and the relationship between mother and child was alienated.

The great changes in your family have made you live with fear and guilt from now on. For many years, you have been secretly pursuing the old case seven years ago as the online reasoning god "Lao Hai", but in your life, you have been obscured to prevent you from being targeted by criminals behind the scenes. Although you have been questioned because of your thin body and obscurity, with the encouragement of Lu Xiaotang, you have become a trainee police officer and part-time forensic doctor of the crime team. In the in-depth investigation of serial homicides, you have demonstrated extraordinary autopsy skills and reasoning ability, and everyone is impressed. , And gradually discovered that the series of murders all point to the Fuai Almshouse seven years ago. In the interweaving of reality and the past, you finally brought to the surface the behind-the-scenes transaction of the Fuai Almshouse seven years ago. The cause of father’s death and the whereabouts of younger brother became clear. Unknowingly, he had overcome his psychological shadow and grew up. For a brave people's policeman.

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Hossam Galal

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